Academy Training weekend

Yorkshire Triathlon Academy Weekend 19/20th March

After an early wake up, nothing compared to Sunday morning, we all made our way to Studfold Farm although i did have to go a pick up Stuarts cycling shoes for him as he’d forgotten them! As i sat down Louise was talking us through the plan for the weekend.


There wasn’t any time to hang around and waste time as we were straight out for an hour long run. The weather was kind to us, and we all overdressed, going out in thermals to bright sunshine. It was hilly off road run and after we all raced in to make our own lunch, after stretching of course, mainly consisting of sandwiches.
After a short sit down and rest, we were out onto the mountain bikes for a 2.5hour cycle. Stuart had warned us time and time again that it was ‘horrendous’ and ‘our calves would be stinging for days’ and he was almost correct. Some of the sections in the cycle were almost impossible to cycle up, but the downhill was well worth the uphill effort.

After locking our bikes up in the back shed, it was snack time. This was the beginning of the toast feast. In total i had 16 pieces of toast in two days, and i wasn’t the only one, Ewan and Elliott must have had the same if not more. After playing cards, it was ‘adventure activity’ time. It started off doing a quiz having to use grid references and maps we then had to construct a shelter out in the dales with pieces of wood and stone. I personally thought ours was miles better than the rest, but i must have been wrong as we finished in a respectable second (Jonny, Louis, Libby and Me). It was then dinner, which consisted of chilli and jacket potatoes for most people and pasta for the rest, prepared by us. I personally didn’t do anything, as i made a deal with Ellen in which i did her maths homework and she made my dinner for me.
After sitting around and watching a bit of James Bond and talking, it was bed time.

We all woke up at 6.30am to go for a run. When i say woke up, i mean more forced awake by the alarm clock.  The early morning run took its toll, with the start being a brutal uphill and it hurt. The rest of the run was okay, after we got the directions right as Louise was making us navigate. Upon return we all swarmed round to get breakfast. Cereal and more toast.

Seeing as we were leaving after the cycle, we had to clean the whole place and pack. Packing became a nightmare and it turned into a treasure hunt to find our things. The cycle started with what we would all agree to be a horrendous hill. It was long, which at points was 25% steep. For those who don’t know what that means, for every 4km straight you go, you go 1km up as well, and it was a leg burner. After another long rocky climb it was a great downhill but it claimed its prisoners. Jonny’s rear derailleur went through his wheel and One of Alex’s handlebars came off, but all credit to him as he still cycled home using only one!
When we returned back finally, we were all extremely tired, but we would all agree that we had a great time, and all hope to do it again sometime soon.
By Mika Brown

Getting ready for the MTB

Article Published: 25/03/2011 12:33:07

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